Beach Area Rules

Post date: Jul 11, 2020 9:16:45 PM

It has come to our attention that these rules are not always being observed. Please read and notify any of your guests or renters who may not be aware.


Please be mindful when using the beach area. Here are a few rules that we would appreciate beach users to follow:

1) Please remove all of your items and trash when you leave. We do not have trash pickup. This includes cigarette/cigar butts.

2) All boats, kayaks, canoes, sail boats, wind surfers, etc should be brought onshore at the boat ramp.

3) For swimmers safety we do not allow any boating of any kind (powered, paddled, or sailed) in the swimming area or boats (see list in item 2) being pulled up on the beach. Picking up or dropping off people at the swim float is also not allowed.

4) No fishing from the beach area or from the swim float.

5) The small trash containers in the bath house are ONLY for hygiene products and baby wipes. Do not flush anything down the toilets except toilet paper.

Thank you.