Welcome to the Washington Lake Association

Have fun !

CLICK HERE to view to images of old Island Pond postcards.

This is the new Washington Lake Association website

Why was this done done?

This change is being made because Google has changed their website platform. With this new platform they are changing the interface and features from the existing (old) platform. The new platform will provide a better viewing experience on phones and tablets comparable to the browser based experience but taking into account the screen limitations of those devices.

I have attempted to maintain the functionality from the old site over to this one.

One function not supported is the auto notification via e-mail of announcements that are posted. Making the WLA website your home page (default page) will/may remind you to look for announcements in the announcement section.


Some items / changes:

New items:

Two new sub sites are the Water Testing and the Weed watcher sites. These are currently under development (note DRAFT status on the link).

Sidebar (left hand of the screen):

There is a sidebar on the left that is similar to the one on this site (existing one). If you do not see it there are two things you can do:

1) Click on the three bars located in the upper left (just left of the words Washington Lake Association).

2) Or widen your browser window. If the browser window is wide enough the sidebar will always be visible.

For Sale:

I have removed the For Sale section while this upgrade is happening. It may reappear in the future.

Announcements & Archived Announcements:

- If you click the down arrow head next to Announcements / Archived Announcements in the sidebar you will see the announcement

in the order of most current first. (click on it again and the list will collapse)

- If you click on the word Announcements / Archived Announcements in the sidebar you will see the announcements in the main

section but the most current announcement will be at the end (last).

Loon Updates:

Same notes as those for Announcements & Archived Announcements.

WLA Board Members Area:

This area is for WLA board members only. It contains source files for the financial reports, WLA Documents, logos, etc

that are also placed in the Resource Center after conversion to PDF format.

Old Pictures of Island Pond:

Now a link off the main page, just under the home page image.


Thanks for reading. If you have comments send me an e-mail at washingtonlakeassociation@gmail.com